Athena's Breastfeeding Essentials

This course covers all the fundamental aspects of breastfeeding. It is the only course you need in preparation to initiate and establish breastfeeding.

The course addresses both the practical as well as the emotional side. The course includes evidence-based information, tips and advice and step by step guidance.

This interactive course is led by 2 midwives and it even includes an interview from a breastfeeding mama.  


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Colostrum Harvesting

Unlock the Benefits of Colostrum Harvesting for Your Baby!

Discover the power of colostrum with our free harvesting course:

👶 Learn when to start harvesting

👐 Safe collection techniques

🥛 Storage & transport tips

Join now for free and give your baby the healthiest start!

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Breathing through Birth

Hey Mama, did you know that the breath is the most underrated tool for birth!
This mini course is designed for expectant mamas who want to learn effective breathing techniques to manage pain, reduce stress and enhance their birthing experience.




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Functional Mobility for Pregnancy and Birth

Hey Mama!
Are you still following exercise videos that don't actually suit your needs?
Perform functional movements with quality and intention.
This course will help you to mobilise and strengthen your body through your pregnancy.
Athena promises you long term and effective results.