Hello, we are Athena Maternity.


Hi Mamas, 

I am Serena. I was brought up in Italy and then moved to the UK in 2015 to complete my bachelor degree in Midwifery. I then obtained my first job as a Registered midwife and practised in Edinburgh for 4 years before moving to Dubai in 2022 where I currently hold a position as a midwife in the private healthcare setting. During my midwifery career I had the privilege to meet many of you and this grew my passion to always provide the best possible care and enhance your experiences. I am very passionate about finding the balance between the mind and body’s wellbeing and driven by this interest I obtained my pre and postnatal fitness qualifications in 2021. Joining together the midwifery and the fitness aspects in my life, I am prepared to deliver you with the support that you have been looking for.

Hey, I’m Theresa and I'm excited to share a bit about myself and my journey with you. I was born and raised in Germany where I completed my Bachelor in Business Studies in 2015. I changed my career path and followed my passion and completed my MSc Midwifery degree in Scotland. After returning to Germany, I gained experience in different healthcare settings. The last 3 years I have enjoyed offering my services as a community midwife in Berlin.

As a midwife, I value  supporting women holistically to be their best and most confident selves in their new role as a mother. I additionally qualified as a Trauma Birth Recovery practitioner and Hypnobirthing teacher. I recently moved to Dubai to cultivate innovative and contemporary midwifery services for the modern woman’s needs. 

I’m always happy to hear from you!





Our Story

Athena Maternity was born when two midwives with the same vision yet different backgrounds came together.

From our experiences working in different maternity systems around the World, we identified gaps in how women are currently educated and supported in regards to their health and wellbeing. Leaving women unsatisfied and disempowered. Currently, the expectations versus the reality do not align. As a result, we noticed mama’s having lack of confidence and self-awareness, poor health and them not being provided with the experience they deserve.

Here at Athena we give you the solution. Our aim is to empower you and create realistic expectations. We are all about offering you reliable and evidence based information that makes your journey safer. 

While midwifery is a traditional practice, taking a modern approach is long overdue to grant a successful start into motherhood. Athena offers you courses that are available on the online platform so that you can access them at your own convenience. The courses cover a wide variety of topics for women to explore and learn from. You will be guided on how to be in charge of your unique journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

Creating Athena Maternity has been a great journey, a true ‘labour’ of love.