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A modern approach to your health and wellbeing on your journey through motherhood.

UK Trained Midwives

Autonomous practitioners who put your needs at the very heart of their profession. Our training is recognised as some of the best in the World. 

We advocate for you and always put your needs first. 



You have access to evidence-based information easily understandable to you. Engage with up to date courses to expand your knowledge.  

Providing safe and quality care online.

Health & Wellbeing

Build your core foundations to achieve stronger emotional, physical and social wellbeing. 

Connecting all elements of holistic care within maternity. 



Our Story

Athena Maternity was born when two midwives with the same vision yet different backgrounds came together.

From our experiences working in different maternity systems around the World, we identified gaps in how women are currently educated and supported in regards to their health and wellbeing. Leaving women unsatisfied and disempowered. Currently, the expectations versus the reality do not align. As a result, we noticed mama’s having lack of confidence and self-awareness, poor health and them not being provided with the experience they deserve.

Here at Athena we give you the solution. Our aim is to empower you and create realistic expectations. We are all about offering you reliable and evidence based information that makes your journey safer. 

Athena offers you courses that are available on the online platform so that you can access them at your own convenience. The courses cover a wide variety of topics for women to explore and learn from. You will be guided on how to be in charge of your unique journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

Creating Athena Maternity has been a great journey, a true ‚Äėlabour‚Äô of love.

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